We fade into the lovely Eden peacefully working out in the mat room to new-age music. Suddenly we see Sumiko enter and attack Eden while accusing Eden of dating her father. Eden admits that they are attracted to each other and accuses Sumiko of having insecurity around the whole affair. This enrages Sumiko causing her to go off on Eden and beat her all over the mat room. Poor Eden doesn’t know what hits her in this one.

Sumiko continually berates Eden as she punishes her relentlessly. She is not content with just this and opts to add further humiliation and relieves Eden of her T-shirt revealing a white string bikini top. Eden’s body looks delicious in her tight yoga pants and Sumiko starts to punish her abs. This causes Sumiko to strip down to her bikini top in order to show Eden “what a real set of abs looks like”.

You would think that because she often winds up jobbing for the other SKW wrestlers that Sumiko would have more compassion for her opponents because she knows what it is like to be on the other side of a squash. However, when it comes to family, all bets are off and Sumi shows a dark side that is to say the least, cruel and sadistic and Eden unfortunately finds this out the hard way.

After a pile driver and reverse dragon KO, Sumiko humiliates Eden by writing “Property of Daddy’s Girl”, and takes a picture of the unconscious, humiliated beauty and leaves her with a quick peck on the forehead for good measure. We can only believe that Eden won’t be seeing Sumi’s dad any time soon if ever again if she knows what’s good for her.

Fans of one-sided beat downs are sure to enjoy this one!

 Highlights of the Action:
Figure 4 Leg Lock
Knees and punches to belly
Belly claws
Belly splashes
Finger spikes to the abdomen
Wall punches
Knees to face KO
Reverse Throat Sit Pin/ab Claw combo
Ab torture using chair
Projectile drooling
Chest slaps
Thigh clawing
Foot on stomach victory pose
Backbreaker/choke/ab punishment
Pile driver KO
Reverse Dragon sleeper/ab claw combo
Post-match humiliation


Length: 18 min
Price: 15.99