Rain is tired of being abused by Sapphire and other tough wrestlers at SKW and tells the audience that she is looking forward to some training from Sleeperkid himself. In fact, she is ready to kick the Kid’s butt! It’s an understatement to say that in her all white one-piece outfit, Rain is an absolute knockout and well, let’s just say she will embody that moniker in more ways than one after this match is said and done.

SK enters the mat room with Jacquelyn (in her auburn hair days) who is there to “watch” and after being asked if she is comfortable with that, Rain agrees because she has waited so long for this day. Hmm, we smell a set up here.

Rain looks sharp and immediately puts SK into sleeper hold KO and goes for the easy pin. Her victory is short circuited however with a stomp to the back by Jacquelyn who KOs Rain in a sleeper hold of her own, setting up a 2 on 1 beat down administered by the “Natural Born Killer-esque” tandem of Jackie and SK.

It becomes apparent that this indeed was, all along, a plan to demolish Rain and the duo does so with sinister glee as they trade off on the execution of holds and KOs and completely take Rain apart in this classic, handicap mismatch.

After a thorough working over of Rain and a spiked, tombstone pile driver that leaves their prey unconscious on the mat, SK and Jacquelyn exit the mat room in Casablanca fashion with what looks like could be: “The start of a beautiful friendship”.

Holds and Moves Used on Poor Rain:

Sleeper Hold KO
Face Manipulation
Boston Crab
Camel Clutch
OTK Backbreaker/Belly Claw Combo
2 on 1 Belly and Face punching KO
Alternating Belly Splashes
Running clothesline
Body Slams
Sleeper Hold/ Belly Punch KO
Spike pile driver to literally, “Drive a point”
Stomps to back
Dragging to feet
Humiliation to camera
Spiked Tombstone
Leghook/Undertaker Double Pin
Double foot on jobber victory pose!



Length: 12 min
Price: 7.99