Watch the trailer HERE!

Note:  there is a small time lapse in this clip due to a camera error.  It should not affect your general viewing experience, however.

We fade in to an eager Anne-Marie learning the ropes from Hellena and Veronika. Hellena is in the middle of walking Anne-Marie through a camel clutch and boston crab when we can see that Veronika is becoming a bit annoyed. The next tactic they’re to show Anne-Marie is a clothesline, which she agrees to, happy as can be.

She’s not happy much longer, though, when the two heels slam into her full force, leaving her splayed out and confused on the mats! Laughing, Hellena and Veronika reveal their plan to take out the entire SKW roster because they think all those ‘younger gals’ are taking their jobs and paychecks! Uh oh, Anne-Marie, you better watch out!

It’s too late for caution, however, as Anne-Marie is already in the lion’s den. Hellena and Veronika go on to ensure that Anne-Marie puts in an early retirement after her ‘lesson’ on the mats. She’s put through the wringer with an impressive assortment of pro-style moves and tactics as well as knocked out several times with exaggerated, lengthy KO’s.

Hellena inflicts the final blow of the bout by administering a precise tombstone piledriver. It seems that it may have been a bit TOO expertly executed, as Anne-Marie becomes COMPLETELY unresponsive afterwards! Both Veronika and Hellena trade turns trying to bring Anne-Marie back around to the land of the conscious by dropping elbow and punches, to no avail. While her body flails and reacts, her mind has just completely checked out.

Hellena drops down and grabs a leg, and with Veronika’s help, they slam out a 10 count pin. The two mean-spirited wrestlers make haste leaving the mats so as to not get busted eliminating the competition…


Camel clutch
Boston crab
Double clothesline
Belly stomp
Belly punch
Dragon sleeper
Sleeper/body scissor combo
Knee drops
Double suplex
Belly splash
Body splash against wall
Elbow drops
Tombstone piledriver


Length: 12 min

Price: 9.99