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A stoic Takaiji is standing on the mats when Lia walks in to join her. Lia is commenting on how tall and strong Takaiji is her approval clear. Takaiji’s sole purpose becomes apparent when Lia states, “You’ll do OK to protect me from my crazy fans”.

Lia produces a control unit for her bot, Takaiji, and powers it up accordingly. Takaiji reacts immediately to the device with twitches and rapid eye movement. Once the tall warrior has settled down, Lia decides it’s a good time to begin fight training.

Lia squares up with Takaiji and very quickly throws a punch, which is just as rapidly swallowed and crushed in the Amazon’s unforgiving grip. Lia falls to her knees from the pain before the two separate and move on.

Lia tests Takaiji with a takedown attempt next, which she quickly defends and reverses with a double hammerfist and sleeper hold. In no time flat, Lia goes from the offensive to murmuring weakly that Takaiji is just ‘way too strong’.

Wanting to switch things up, Lia puts Takaiji into sentry mode. Takaiji’s entire demeanor changes once the setting is confirmed. Lia wastes no time going in for a piggy back sleeper, to which Takaiji quickly slams her backwards into the nearby wall. Lia drops to the floor immediately after making contact with the wall, and right on top of Takaiji’s control mechanism. The unit goes wild and Takaiji’s functions are obviously a mess of confusion. Lia does her best to right the situation, to no avail. When she asks, “Who commands you?” Takaiji simply replies: “Must destroy Lia Labowe”.

Takaiji proceeds to do just that. Once the powerful bot is on the path of destruction, Lia is doomed. Takaiji knocks Lia out repeatedly without mercy, utilizing holds that show off both her brute strength and evil prowess. Lia is nothing but a sexy victim here, with no opportunity to even launch a minute defense.

After dominating Lia and softening her up with a number of tactics and KO’s, Takaiji pulls a length of rope from a nearby bag. Lia is on her knees, barely staying conscious as it is, when she feels the rope constrict her throat from behind. Panicking, her eyes go wild and she flails against it. Lia’s struggles become weaker and weaker. Just as she’s about to succumb, Takaiji releases the strangulation and pulls Lia to her feet, producing a baton. Takaiji slams the baton into Lia’s head, snapping her former master’s head back violently. Lia stumbles, falls to her knees, and topples forward….completely out, with her derriere in the air.

Takaiji hasn’t fully destroyed Lia yet, however. She kicks Lia over before bending over and dragging her to her feet. Takaiji then applies a crushing lifted bearhug, asphyxiating Lia by way of rib cage suppression. As Lia weakens, Takaiji releases the bearhug and moves Lia into a tombstone pile driver, slamming her down to the ground without any emotion. Lia is groggily brought back to her knees, just vaguely aware enough when Takaiji grasps her chin and head to know that her neck is about to be snapped, and it will be lights out for good.


Piggyback sleeper hold
Wall slam
Running body splash
Fireman’s carry to toss
Body splashes
Choke slam strangulation
Rope strangulation
Blackjack strike
Lifted bearhug
Tombstone piledriver
Neck snap


Length: 18 min

Price: 15.99