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Anne-Marie is sick and tired of losing all of her matches at SKW, and she’s got a plan in place to bring that to an end. She’s next set to square off against the fierce Sybil Starr, and she is getting dirty with her tactics as a means to ensure her victory. Turning towards the camera, she slyly shows off an SKW brass knuckle while explaining that the match will be a no DQ rules style.

Next, we fade in to Anne-Marie and Sybil back to back. Both wrestlers appear to be in good spirits, although Anne-Marie DOES have a bit more confidence than usual (and we know why!). SK states the rules as no holds barred, no disqualifications and the winner being named after the first 10 count pin. The ladies agree (Sybil a little begrudgingly) and the match is on!

Anne-Marie whips around and immediately reaches for Sybil’s hand, to the tiny redhead’s surprise. Anne-Marie starts gushing about having been a fan for years and how much she’s looking forward to today’s match. Just as Sybil REALLY starts to eat it all up, Anne-Marie rears back and cold cocks Sybil in the face with-you guessed it!- her secret weapon. Sybil staggers before sprawling spread eagle, where Anne-Marie goes for her first (failed) pin attempt. When Sybil kicks out, Anne-Marie throws her to the wall for some belly abuse followed up by a standing foot choke that leaves Sybil down for the count yet again. When Anne-Marie goes for a matchbook pin this time around, Sybil not only kicks out but manages to land a low blow punch that throws Anne-Marie off balance. Once off kilter, Sybil is able to put her into a sleeper hold, and from there on out, it’s over for Anne-Marie.

Sybil is furious with Anne-Marie for bringing an illegal item into the match, and is explosively expressing the differences between legal and illegal tactics. Seeing an opportunity, Sybil proceeds to use the rest of the match to teach Anne-Marie the differences between right and wrong, much to the pretty blonde jobber’s dismay. If Anne-Marie doesn’t like to lose, it seems the wrestling mats are the wrong place for her to be.

After a harrowing beat down the likes we rarely see, Sybil grabs a folding chair. Anne-Marie has just gotten to her feet when she sees what Sybil has in store for her. Being a seasoned wrestler, Sybil forces the chair into Anne-Marie’s hands and side kicks it. The force of the chair in her own hands being kicked slams into her face, dropping her to her knees. Anne-Marie collapses in such a way that the chair is constricting her windpipe…to which Sybil helps along the process by pressing down on the back of her head.

Sybil isn’t quite done with the chair yet, though. She issues 10 ‘counts’ of chair slams to Anne-Marie’s beautiful face in her final act of fury before officially winning the match with a 10 count leg hook pin. For her victory pose, Sybil places the folding chair over Anne-Marie’s prone body and flexes her muscles, finally satisfied that the blonde has learned a lesson.


Face punch
Brass knuckles face punch
Snapmare by hair
Running bull dog
Crotch stomps
Asian spike
Camel clutch (camel clutch/sleeper combo)
Belly splash
Leg drops
Leg choke
Head drops to crotch/groin
Groin drops
Brass knuckle arm drops
Folding chair strikes/slams
Folding chair stationary kick
Foot choke
Belly punching
Matchbook pin
Sleeper hold
Leg hook pin
Low blow punch


Length: 22 min

Price: 17.99