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Jordynne Grace has challenged Bambi to a scissors submission only match, utilizing both of their powerful legs. The stunning Bambi says she doesn’t understand why Jordynne has challenged her to the match, but she agrees anyhow.

Bambi and Jordynne start on their knees with a brief finger-lock test of strength. Bambi wastes no time overpowering Jordynne, applying a reverse figure four head scissors. She taunts Jordynne, asking her if she wants to submit, relishing in her current dominance. When Jordynne refuses to tap out, Bambi transitions her scissor to a straight reverse head scissor. Despite Jordynne’s face turning crimson, she stubbornly refuses to give. Getting frustrated, Bambi swaps out her current scissor for yet another style: an incapacitating side head scissor which eventually becomes a fully cranked side figure four head scissors.

As Bambi squeezes her neck with her legs, Jordynne is complains that she entered the match in ignorance. Bambi releases the scissors and agrees to restart the match now that Jordynne knows what to expect.

Jordynne takes control immediately upon starting the match over. Now it’s her turn to slap on a plentitude of scissors, squeezing Bambi tightly with everything she’s got. Jordynne gained control, but Bambi doesn’t make it easy for her. Grinning and bearing it, Bambi stubbornly refuses to submit, just like Jordynne had. Switching up the scissor style frequently, Jordynne is determined to find a method that will make Bambi tap!

It’s while she’s got Bambi in a python-grip body scissors that Jordynne believes she heard her prey tap out. Being marginally unsure if Bambi tapped, Jordynne releases the body scissors and methodically applies an Indian death lock. Bambi definitely submits in this hold, making Jordynne the undisputed winner.

Following a series of victory poses, Jordynne decides that a match ain’t a match without a KO! With that in mind, she applies one more head scissor to the loser, Bambi, draining her slowly and putting her out.


Length: 16 min

Price: 12.99