(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


4 agents played by Elsa Ives, Kayla Lael, Merry Meow, and Cynder are tasked with taking each other out in repeated VR simulations…with the winner (via points) set to receive a promotion.  The girls eagerly agree to the task and proceed to put on one HELL of a show, taking each other down and out until a final victor emerges…and all four girls are KO’ed in order to excise them from the simulation!


1 vs 3 attacks
2 vs 2 attacks
tongue protrusion
derri-air KO positions
sleeper hold KOs
neck snap finishers
syringe to the neck KOs
syringe to the butt KOs
garrote choke KOs
ground choke KOs
multiple tranquilizer shot KOs
ground tranq finishing shots
shots of pantyhosed feet
sleeping gas attacks
4 girl KO body piles
black jack KOs
POV hypnosis
slow faint
agents forced to KO each other with face punches/karate chops.
agents forced to pile onto a live tazer
pile up with convulsing
Merry machine guns her partners
all 4 girls finished off with single tranq shots


Length: 25 min

Price: 19.99