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Saya is pacing in her Super Girl bikini, a nervous wreck on her first day at SKW when Kelly walks in. Saya asks Kelly if she’ll have her back in her upcoming match against Sumiko, to which Kelly readily agrees. Saya seems slightly more confident as the scene fades…

We come back to Sumiko (Wonder Sumi) and Saya (Super Saya) being introduced by SK. They’re slotted to have a multi falls, no holds barred bout in which the most pins/KO’s wins. Both wrestler’s agree to the rules of the match, and it’s GO time!

They lock up in a test of strength, which Saya quickly gains control over. She pushes Sumiko down to her knees, surprised she’s got the upper hand. Her dominance is short lived, however, as Sumiko pushes her off and lands a belly punch that allows her to regain her feet and grab hold of Saya’s cape. Not one to waste an opportunity, Sumiko uses Saya’s own cape to choke her. Saya is helpless to do anything but slowly weaken against the constricting fabric, eyes rolling as she collapses to the mats. Once she’s out. Sumiko slaps out the first 5 count pin of the mat before removing Saya’s cape.

Round 2 begins with the ladies locking horns briefly before Sumiko is thrown to the wall and belly punched. Saya tosses in a few knees to the belly for good measure as well. Using her long legs. Saya stretches up and applies a foot choke to Sumiko. After some time she releases the grueling choke and viciously snap mares Sumiko, who lands hard and barely with it. Saya is able to successfully deliver one belly splash and is in the midst of her second attempt when Sumiko digs her knees in and reverses their roles! Sumiko stands up and returns Saya’s previous favor, delivering a snap mare. Sumiko follows it up with a series of her signature round off belly splashes, each one landed bringing Saya that much closer to KO. When Wonder Sumi lands the 4th splash, Saya is OUT, and a 5 count pin is achieved.

Saya comes back in round 3 with renewed vigor, snapping Sumiko up in a lifted bear hug right off the bat. Her revival is short lived, however, as Sumiko smacks down hard with a double hammer fist and escapes the clutches of the bear hug. Saya drops from the hammer fist, allowing Sumiko the perfect window to expertly apply a sleeper hold and send her off, slowly, yet again. Round 3 goes to Sumiko with another 5 count pin and KO.

Round 4 begins and Sumiko has smartened up, not allowing Saya even a moment to have an edge. She pulls Saya in to a standing head lock. Sumiko cranks it a short while before Saya sweeps backwards to escape, sending them both to the mats. They’re both dazed, but it’s Saya who is able to slowly climb to her feet first. Grabbing hold of Sumiko, she administers a tombstone piledriver, rendering Sumiko unconscious on impact. Saya goes in for her first pin, but Sumiko kicks out on 4. Frustrated, Saya sits Sumiko up as she plots out her next move, but it seems Sumiko has already figured her next move out. She slams a fist into Saya’s belly before dragging her into position and delivering a crippling pedigree. With a drastic turn of events, round 4 goes to Sumiko with the KO and the pin!

Saya is done messing around in Round 5! Super Saya sends a punch flying into Wonder Sumi’s face the moment the round begins, and immediately goes for a second strike. Sumiko is able to block the subsequent strike, however, and lands a belly punch on Saya. While Saya is recovering, Sumiko backs away to make space…before running up and delivering a high, powerful face kick! Saya goes down like a ton of bricks, and Sumiko mounts her, exclaiming, “You don’t know who I AM?! I’m SUMIKO”! Sumiko goes on to deliver a brutal ground and pound punishment to Saya until she’s out and completely limp. Just to be sure, Sumiko grabs hold of her arms and ragdolls her thoroughly. Confident Saya is out, Sumiko grabs her leg and starts her pin…when she hits 3, she’s kicked hard by none other than KELLY, who has come through for Saya! Kelly pulls Sumiko back and puts a tight sleeper on her, putting her out and waking Saya up.

Saya and Kelly decide they want to ‘mess Sumiko up’ a bit, so they wake her. Kelly grabs hold of Sumiko’s arms while Saya rains belly punches and face punches down on her. Sumiko is helpless and unable to defend herself with her arms restrained. Her alertness is quickly drained, so when Kelly releases her arms, Sumiko face plants directly on the mats.

It’s at this point that SK interjects, saying, “Ladies…I don’t REALLY think this is legal….”

SK’s interference infuriates Kelly, who snarls back at him, “Hey! YOU made this happen! YOU need to shut up, or we are gonna come get you next!”

Kelly stands Sumiko up one more time, ensuring she’s with it enough to know what’s going on. Saya comes back on the mats with a folding chair that she deftly swings and cracks over Sumiko’s head. Sumiko collapses, totally done for. Satisfied, Saya places the chair over top Sumiko’s body and sits while Kelly issues the 5 count pin.


Length: 16 min

Price: 13.99