In this no holds barred, pro-style match, Nikki and Rain goat it for a scheduled six rounder with pins deciding the winner of each round. The action is fast and furious in this one starts out with both seasoned pros deftly trading escapes and counters to headlocks, over hand wristlocks and hammer locks.

Nikki and Radiant Rain take turns winning each round with KO’s followed by 3 counts. Rain takes rounds 1, 3 and 5 with rear choke KO, a vicious Lung Blower and Cobra Clutch KO while Nikki comes out on top in rounds 2 & 4 with a Reverse DDT and Stunner.

At the start of Round 6, Nikki puts it all on the line and challenges Rain to an all or nothing “sudden death” agreement where the winner of Round 6 will be considered the “best wrestler”. Who do you think it will be? Regardless, this one is loaded with high octane, power moves, submissions and KOs and if you are a fan of the pro game, this one is for you!

Moves and Holds in this Action-Packed Match Include:

Head locks
Wrist locks
Knees and kicks
Head smash into wall
Rear naked choke
Victory Pose after each round
Face Busters
Sleeper hold KO
Fig 4 Neck Scissors
Standing draped, back breaker
DDT and Reverse DDT
Forearm smashes
Seated Romero Special
Lung Blower
Test of strength
DDT to Niki
2 count pins
Cobra Clutch KO
2 Barbie Crusher KOs



Length: 16 min
Price: 12.99