OVERKILL: episode ten

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COCO and ANNE-MARIE star in this amazing overkill battle! 

Both ladies go OVER THE TOP as they take each other down via tons of KOs and some vicious post knockout attacks!!!  Here’s the breakdown:

Round 1:  Anne-Marie dominates with multiple belly blows, a snap mare, a reverse ground dragon sleeper KO (leaving Coco a drooling, tongue protruding mess), and keeping it on till Coco is convulsing.  She then takes a blackjack and nails several overkill shots on Coco, followed by a leghook pin on her twitching, KO’ed foe!

Round 2: Anne-Marie opens with a brutal low blow kick to Coco’s crotch, leaving her cross-eyed on the mats.  Anne lands some amazing leg drops across the back of Coco’s neck as she rests in a derri “air” pose, humiliating her opponent.  She then adds insult to injury by driving the tip of a sai into Coco’s temple, turning her into a convulsing KO’ed pile on the mats.  Coco drools, her eyes rolling until she finally goes out.  Anne pins the convulsing Coco with a Spanish Press pin, adding another point to her score!

Round 3: Anne goes for a big KO punch, but Coco ducks under it and pushes Anne face first into the wall out of desperation. Coco manages to get some belly blows on Anne, who is stunned from the collision with the wall.  Coco regains some her strength and proceeds to unleash hell on the blonde wrestler.  She knocks Anne out with a massive uppercut, sending her flying.  But the Latina isn’t done!  She nails a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER KO, and then proceeds to torture Anne-Marie with an OVERKILL rope chokeout. Coco adds a leghook pin, and even though she DOES pass out on top of her prey, Coco continues the onslaught in the next round with a small package piledriver, an epic and extended sleeper hold, massive OVERKILL body blows with a staff, multiple OVERKILL frying pan shots to the head, a frying pan assisted uppercut to the chin into a matchbook pin, massive punch onto a tazer/bench, derri air convulsions, drooling, and a final twitching leg hook pin for the win!


Over the TOP
Eye rolling
Eye crossing
Tongue protrusion
Multiple KOs!


Length: 28 min

Price: 23.99

Check out the Trailer HERE!