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Clearly doing some fight training, we fade in to a bikini clad Jinx shadow boxing using her pink gloves. The camera follows her for a bit as she showcases an assortment of strikes. The scene changes, and we see Lia Labowe warming up as well, black gloves a blur as she throws her punches into the air. Both women seem confident as they prepare for battle.

The bout begins with the ding of a bell, Lia and Jinx circling one another shortly before beginning their offensive tactics. Both ladies are able to block the strikes tossed their way at first, but that awesome defense is short lived. Lia lands an uppercut to her opponents’ belly, quickly moving on to some face jabs that become dizzying for Jinx. It’s not long before Jinx turns the tables on her opponent, administering a flurry of punches all her own. Lia and Jinx go back and forth throughout the boxing portion of this match at a fast pace, utilizing a variety of punches in their attempts to knock one another down for a 10 count. Punches to the face cause both Lia and Jinx to appear almost asleep on their feet as they battle to maintain the upper hand. Both fighters have close calls with 10 counts after flying or collapsing to the mats. Each time, the lady fallen struggles to stand and succeeds.

Jinx attempts to be slick during one of Lia’s weaker moments. When the ref begins to count off, Jinx informs him that she doesn’t need a ref, she just need to win the fight.

Jinx’s cheap fighting ways come back to haunt her when Lia comes back from the brink of defeat to return the courtesy in kind. Lia takes things a step further than Jinx, however, stating “Stop counting, ref, I’m DONE with this boxing shit”. With that proclamation hanging heavy in the air, Lia removes her gloves and administers an onslaught of bare knuckle punches to the near-defeated Jinx. Lia uses Jinx as her personal punching bag, ultimately sending her flying in a sideways roll across the mats. When Jinx becomes prone, Lia leans down and removes her gloves as well. The ref can be heard saying, “This is no longer a boxing match!”, to which Lia readily agrees.

A total bare-knuckled boxing beat down ensures from this point forward, with Lia delivering the agony. She takes Jinx from the mats, to the wall and even propped upright holding her by the hair as she jabs, hooks and uppercuts her face and belly forcefully. Jinx is barely hanging on throughout Lia’s domination, her near unconsciousness apparent in the rolling of her eyes and slackness of her jaw. Lia toys with her, mocking her frequently in between masterfully delivered punches.

Jinx is very nearly KO’d when Lia kisses her knuckles as a parting gesture, saying “This is the winner!” before delivering a final wicked face jab. Jinx flies back through the air, landing sprawled out on her back with Lia gleefully looking down upon her. The ref counts out for 10, officially calling the match in Lia’s favor. Lia stands tall over Jinx’s abused body, flexing her muscles and smiling in victory.


Length: 13 min

Price: 10.99