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We fade in to a screen playing a scene from a previous match between Sinn and Monroe. In the match, Sinn had destroyed Monroe which led to the ultimate humiliation of being collared and leashed. The camera pans backwards and we see Sinn is the one viewing the match from the past, and laughing hysterically to boot.

She’s not laughing for long though. Sinn’s obnoxious laughter cancels out any sound Monroe is making as she creeps up from behind. When she’s close enough in proximity, Monroe lashes out quickly and applies a crippling sleeper hold. Sinn is caught entirely by surprise. Monroe holds on tight as Sinn struggles violently against the hold. Despite Sinn’s strong reaction to being sneak attacked, stronger still is Monroe’s taste for vengeance. Sinn eventually goes out and Monroe says it’s time to take it to the mats. The chair Sinn was knocked out onto is pulled out the door, and we fade into Sinn flying face down onto the mats. After stripping Sinn to her bikini, Monroe is ready for her revenge.

Monroe gets her vengeance and more in this clip. Sinn is completely destroyed and humiliated at the hands of the former loser. Monroe’s fury adds a brutal element to this one-sided match and it shows. Sinn is knocked out over and over again, unable to even defend herself.

To wrap things up, Monroe gives Sinn taste of her own medicine. She applies a leash and collar to the worked over Sinn, making her walk around the mats on all fours. Once Sinn has completed a couple of laps, Monroe yanks up high on the leash, strangling her foe with it. Sinn gasps and sputters as she very slowly goes out. Monroe goes in for a 10 count pin, stopping in the middle to state, “Man, she’s really out”. Satisfied that she’s evened things out, Monroe stands up tall and victory poses over the new loser.


hair grabs
belly punches and knees
belly kicks
belly splashes against wall
belly splashes on the ground
reverse belly splash against the wall
reverse head scissors
steel chain choke
face punches with chain
low blow punches with chain
uppercut with chain
dog leash and collar humiliation
dog leash and collar choke
victory pose


Length: 22 min

Price: 18.99