It is always a memorable occasion when a visitor makes their SKW debut and this first appearance of MERICA STRONG is going to be one that no one forgets, especially not poor SUMIKO and MINXY LI!

As we fade in Minxy and Sumiko are about to start a match that has come about from Minxy’s battle with Sumiko and her tag team partners (as documented in ASIAN PERSUASION, also in this update.) Whoever can gain the most KOs in the time limit will win this match and they will also get a shot at the visiting pro star Merica Strong!  Minxy is excited and ready to go but at the mention of Merica, Sumiko becomes visibly worried.  In fact, she is willing to just forfeit the entire match and get out of there! It seems Sumiko had a match with Merica not too long ago and after having her butt kicked then, wants nothing to do with the visiting pro.  Minxy isn’t about to let Sumiko leave though, despite her attempts at warning Minxy just what Merica is capable of.  She clamps a sleeper on Sumiko and even as the Asian grappler fades out, she continue to try and warn her opponent.

Minxy happily takes this first point and drags Sumiko up, setting her up for a Tombstone! Still, Sumiko remains a doomsayer, trying to convince Minxy they should just get out of there but her warnings fall on deaf ears and she is drilled into the mat.  Minxy covers the twitching bikini clad beauty for the pin just as we see an imposing figure enter the room…

As Minxy gets to the count of 9, Merica clamps a Sleeperhold on the Asian star and immediate terror fills Minxy’s eyes as she paws at the powerful arms around her head.  She squirms and struggles but there is no hope of escape and she drifts off to sleep as she is dropped to the mat.

I would like to say that the two SKW stars rally to give Merica the fight of her life, but nothing could be further from the truth. Sumiko and Minxy are both reduced to pure terrified jobbers as Merica proceeds to destroy the both of them both separately and with some amazing double KO tactics.  She lifts and tosses their bodies around the mats with an ease that could only be matched by Tiny himself!

Finally, and mercifully, Merica decides these two creampuffs have had enough.  She hoists a begging and pleading Sumiko into the air with a GORILLA PRESS, using one hand to easily choke her out while holding her effortless above her head, before lowering her limp body to the mat.  With one opponent laid out she turns her attention to Minxy, dragging her over to Sumiko and delivering a series of X Factors that drive her head into Sumiko’s belly while also knocking Minxy senseless.  She flops unconscious atop Sumiko and Merica plants a boot on their bodies as she counts out an easy ten count pin, having barely broken a sweat.

While we can’t wait to see her on our mats again, two questions remain.  First, can anyone defeat the force of nature that is Merica Strong?

Secondly, will anyone be brave enough to even try?



Sleeperhold KO
Bearhug KOs
Body Stacking
Multiple Splashes on the Pile up
Instant Replays
Double Foreign Object Choke KO
Loaded Fist Foreign Object Punches KO
Double Head Crush Double KO
Double Headscissor Double KO
Double Bicep Pose Choke KO
Tongue Protrusion
Gorilla Press Choke KO
X Factor to the partner KO


Length: 20 min

Price: 16.99