Another amazing wrestler makes her SKW debut!!!

We fade in on the lovely Morgan Del Ray standing over the defeated bodies of Sumiko and Keri Spectrum…explaining that the two had sneak-attacked her hours earlier, but she’d eventually turned the tables, leading to the KO’ed pile at her feet.  SK and Morgan agree to put together a highlight reel, and so the action begins.  We see Morgan get sneak attacked during a promo, with both Sumiko and Keri getting KOs via sleeper holds, a reverse neck scissors, triangle choke, and TWO back to back piledriver KOs (tombstone and regular).  They wake the poor girl up and go for a final clothesline, but Morgan REVERSES it…and nails one of her own!   The seemingly destroyed jobber turns heel in 2 seconds flat, KO’ing both Keri and Sumiko with back to back jumping neck chops!!!   She turns to SK and explains that she’d been secretly training for years before showing up to SKW…and her poor opponents are about see evidence of that first hand!  What follows is a complete destruction…with Morgan Del Ray taking Keri and Sumiko down and out OVER and OVER again!


double wall choke
double belly punching
heart punch KO on Keri
back flip into a standing neckscissors KO (x2)
body piles
back handspring into a double stunner KO!
reverse neckscissors
punch to the jaw KO
an AMAZING double sleeper/scissors KO!
multiple back flip splashes to a KO
multiple knees to the face to a KO
final body pile


Length: 20 min

Price: 17.99