HIGHLIGHTS: volume 39

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SK is running the camera as he walks into the mat room. Upon entering, he is shocked to find Cassidy standing over a very unconscious Skye and Misty. When SK probes the situation, Cassidy tells him what’s up. She states that she was in the mat room, minding her own business, working out and doing her stretch exercises. The peace and quiet ended when Misty and Skye sauntered in with bad intentions. Not only did they have terrible attitudes, but they wanted to take out Cassidy!

Cassidy asks them if they realize how long she’s been wrestling….the dynamic duo brush it off and go in for the attack. Skye holds back Cassidy’s arms as Misty inflicts copious amounts of belly torture using punches, knees and kicks. Not one to miss out, Skye ends up exchanging places with Misty and joining in on that belly abuse fun. When Cassidy is finally released she’s granted no reprieve. Instead, a DDT is delivered and Cassidy is given a nap.

Misty and Skye continue to beat down on Cassidy, knocking her out several times and bantering humorously throughout. The more they power over Cassidy, the more their ego’s inflate. It seems to them that there’s no way Cassidy stands a chance against the two of them. This is proven to be quite wrong.

When they bring a semi-conscious Cassidy to the center of the mats and go for a double body splash, they’re shown how quickly the tides in wrestling can change. Cassidy falls flat on her back just as the two bullies are about to make contact. What results is Misty and Skye slamming into each other full force, ultimately knocking themselves out. All three wrestlers are down and out now.

Cassidy comes to first, and she’s ANGRY. She only takes a moments thought before going over to Misty and grabbing her. Misty is roused from this just as Cassidy slaps on a sleeper hold. Once Misty is out, Skye’s turn in the sleeper is next. The tables have now turned in Cassidy’s favor. And Cassidy seeks revenge.

For the rest of the highlight reel, Cassidy is totally in control. She makes quick work of Skye and Misty, oftentimes taking them both out at the same time, which shows off just how much more experience and skill she has.

Cassidy starts to conclude things using a tombstone pile driver, one at a time. Both Misty and Skye are completely defeated at this point. Following the tombstone, Cassidy lays the two wrestlers side by side, flat on their backs. Once she’s got them in position she delivers knee drops to their heads, leaping high in the air to cause maximum damage. When she sees they’re out completely, she does a double 10 count pin. As she victory poses, she smiles, knowing her point was proven.


2 on 1 belly punches and kicks, arms restrained
double stunner
limp body checks/play
sleeper with nose pinch
knee drops to head
body splashes against wall
double head scissors
double sleeper
double belly punching against wall
double throat choke
tombstone pile driver


Length: 22 min

Price: 18.99