HIGHLIGHTS: volume 36

We fade in on three completely KO’ed bodies on the mats…in this case belonging to Audrey Love, Kayla Lael, and Lucy Purr.   Turns out these gloved beauties have been going at it for HOURS in an over the top and KO-filled boxing battle, but SK’s cameras were only able to capture a portion of the action.   A highlight reel announced and the camera fades back to some of the best moments of what’s bound to become a legendary SKW skirmish!


boxing action
multiple body piles
tongue protrusion
multiple jabs, uppercuts, and face punches
eye crossing / eye rolling
multiple belly punch attacks
stacked body belly blows
double uppercut KO
jumping glove punches to the skull / post KO
1 on 2 face punches
back and forth face jabs
betrayal punch KO
arm checks
1 vs 2 uppercuts
instant replays
back to back rear naked choke KOs
floor punches to the jaw
exhausted fighters
victory poses
triple KOs
accidental face punches
final three girl clinch
three girl face punch KO / bodypile


Length:  22 min
Price:  17.99