We fade in on Sumiko confessing some self-doubt to Jacquelyn Velvets about always being cast as a jobber.  She tells her how much she wants to try being a heel, which is met by Jacquelyn cackling maniacally in her face.   Insulted, Sumiko challenges Velvets to a multi-round match on the spot…and here’s the breakdown for what ends up being one HELL of a custom battle!!!

Round 1: Jacquelyn controls Sumiko after a test of strength and works her over with a bearhug that knocks Sumiko out, followed by a brutal TOMBSTONE piledriver KO, a belly stomp, and a SECOND TOMBSTONE KO for the pin (foot on belly) and win.

Round 2: Jacquelyn already has Sumiko by the hair and traps her in a front facing neck scissors, a body scissors, a surfboard, a bow and arrow, an over the knee backbreaker, belly punches, and a final reverse straddle chokeout for the foot (tongue protrusion from Sumiko) on FACE pin and win!

Round 3: A cocky Jacquelyn takes a surprise low blow kick from Sumiko…who decides to let her inner heel come out to play!   She dominates Jacquelyn with a two-handed choke (amazing eyerolling from Velvets here!), putting her out only to wake her up and take her down AGAIN with a perfect sleeper hold.  Jacquelyn drools uncontrollably before passing out, but Sumiko follows up with a STRADDLE SPLIT PIN CHOKE that sends the blonde beauty back to Dreamland moments before Sumiko presses her face down with her hand…counting the pin and winning the round!

Round 4: Sumiko now has BOXING GLOVES on and proceeds to demolish Jacquelyn with brutal blows to the face, leading to a googly eyed Velvets stumbling, her tongue sticking out as Sumiko pours on the pain.  An uppercut sends Velvets to the mats and Sumiko unleashes a barrage of floor punches that leaves her opponent out cold and ready for a foot-on-belly pin!

Round 5: A “STUN” SABER FIGHT!!!!   Sumiko tosses a saber to Velvets, who misses every strike.  Sumiko plunges the saber into Jacquelyn’s belly, sending currents through her body and dropping her to her knees.  A final double saber attack to the throat sends Velvets into convulsions, her eyes rolled, tongue out as she passes out in a perfect derri “air” KO pose.  Sumiko delivers a foot on face pose / pin seconds before writing “JOBBER” on Miss Velvets’ forehead with a sharpie, and an even more insulting comment across her belly!!!


Length: 25 min

Price: 18.99