FIGHT BOTS: part seven

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Sleeperkid has acquired two extremely realistic Torey and Jessie fight bots to act as his bodyguards. Of course, he’ll be using them to defend him, which means he’ll have to do some pretty lengthy testing and training on them. SK asks the fight bots straight away if they’re ready to follow any and all commands, to which they monotonously reply, “Yes Master”. Pleased with that response, SK moves on to try out their shut down mechanism…counting back from ten, the fight bots become sleepier and sleepier with each number that passes until the sequence is completed and they are out entirely. He moves forward to check their pulses and their limbs before saying aloud that he’d better gather some weapons for testing, especially their sneak attack skills…

What ensues is an epic back and forth battle between ‘fight bots’ Jessie and Torey with SleeperKid as their ringleader (and sometimes POV assailant). The action is fast paced while the holds are extended. This is a largely weapons infused clip with fantastic angles and incredible selling by bother Torey and Jessie. To wrap things up, there are several minutes of outtakes that you’ll most definitely enjoy.


Stomach kicks
Standing guillotine
Double hammerfist
Swinging neckbreaker
Pulse checks
Standing bearhug
Reverse guillotine
Neck snap
Various sword attacks/fights
Post mortem attacks
Hand over mouth smother/stabbing
Throat and head stabbing
Limp body checks
2 step gun duel
Gun disarming drill, reversal and shootout
SK POV shooting to Torrey and Jessie
Stalking knife attack
POV machine gun attack vs. fight bots with swords


Length: 23 min

Price: 18.99