The beautiful SKYE BLUE and MISTY LOVELACE make their SKW debut against the Kid himself in this amazing custom battle!

The tag team issues a challenge to SK after watching his previous piledriver destructions, confident in their ability to take him down!   As always, the devious bossman sneaks up and delivers a sudden low blow that floors his would-be opponents!   He knocks each lovely lady out with a long sleeper hold before announcing to the camera girl (the always amusing Jacquelyn Velvets, providing color commentary) the rules of this new PILEDRIVERS ONLY match!

And so it begins: a complete destruction on a beautiful tag team as the Kid nails DRIVER after driver KO, even forcing the two of them to take each other DOWN with piledrivers of their own before nailing yet another devastating knockout!

TOO many piledrivers to count!
Regular classic driver
TOMBSTONE piledrivers
REVERSE piledrivers
FORCED piledrivers
humiliation KO poses
multiple pins
arm checks
SMALL PACKAGE piledrivers

…and a final (seen at SKW only) PILEDRIVER finish featuring SK driving Misty’s skull into Skye’s body for a DOUBLE KO and PIN!!!


Length: 17 min

Price: 15.99