TWO OF SKW’s VERY BEST take each other on in a brutal submissions match with a KO penalty!!!

Anne-Marie and Cassidy have been at each other’s throats for quite some time here, and their dislike for each other reaches its pinnacle as they tear through an agonizing “I QUIT” match.  The two give separate interviews before the battle begins, one that has to be one with a verbal submission followed by the words “I QUIT!”.  The ladies lock up and the battle begins, one that features tons of reversals (via leg sweeps, belly blows, and more) and the following submissions (spoiler alert!):

Performed by Anne-Marie:
camel clutch
chickenwing guillotine
mounted guillotine
grapevine pin / stretch
grapevine / front sleeper
CEILING HOLD (the winning move)

Performed by Cassidy:
standing boston crab
figure four leglock
reverse boston crab/surfboard combo
reverse crab / chinlock

After a beautifully executed CEILING HOLD, Anne-Marie finally gets the win…following up with a modified rear naked chokeout that sends Cassidy to Dreamland.  She celebrates with a foot on face victory pose, but we’re pretty sure this rivalry has not seen it’s final days on the SKW mats just yet!

(includes post-match interviews)


Length: 17 min
Price: 13.99