(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We fade in to an unconscious, hog tied Coco. Eden stands menacingly over her foe, shaking her head in frustration and disgust. Both ladies are assassins clad in sexy one piece suits coupled with killer knee high boots. Eden glares with hatred as Coco begins to come around wondering just what the hell is going on. Coco immediately demands to know why she was kidnapped, to which Eden laughs with malice. The hog-tied hostage continues displaying ignorance to the reason behind her capture. Eden responds with fury, exclaiming that her Father is dead and it’s Coco who is responsible! Coco isn’t about to take the accusation, instead firing Eden up even more by informing her that everybody knows Eden’s own Uncle is responsible for her Father’s death. The tension between the two assassins climbs higher and higher as Eden unties Coco’s binds with the sole purpose of battling to the death. Both fighters don MMA gloves and face off, faces masks of ill intentions.

Eden strikes out first, throwing several face punches that are blocked by the skilled Coco. Coco goes on the offense with multiple face punches before delivering a knee to the face, dropping Eden to the ground. Seizing the opportunity at hand, Coco quickly mounts Eden to deliver some serious ground and pound. Eden’s head rocks violently from side to side with the force of the strikes thrown against her skull. Coco whispers “Night night, little girl”, as it seems Eden will be going out. Moments later she surprises Coco with a swift knee to the crotch, sending her flying onto the mat, clutching herself in agony. Full of rage, Eden gets to her feet and digs into Coco’s midsection with a series of intense kicks. After softening her up with the kicks, Eden grabs Coco by the hair and slams her face into the mat repeatedly. Once Coco is on the brink of unconsciousness, Eden wakes her up a bit with more belly kicks. Thinking that this may have been an easy win, Eden climbs behind Coco and applies a sleeper hold. She squeezes her arms together, hugging Coco to her body as she tightly constricts her carotid artery. We hear Eden holler, “Die, bitch, die!” while Coco’s eyes roll wildly and her mouth begins to loll.

Coco uses her last reserve of energy to throw an elbow into Eden’s chest, causing her to release the rear naked choke. Standing up and pulling a stunned Eden with her, Coco starts throwing a menagerie of skilled face punches followed by a kick to the crotch. When Eden falls, Coco takes advantage of her position with a perfectly delivered face kick. The kick sends Eden out, eyes rolling and drool escaping her mouth.

Still in the grips of the battle, Coco awakens Eden and immediately lashes out with punches to the back of her head. As the punches land, drool explodes from Eden’s mouth. Flipping Eden over, Coco applies a throat choke. Eden’s tongue protrudes from her mouth as the pressure of the choke rises and rises. It’s clear that Eden is out when her face and body go slack but for the convulsions racking her body intermittently.

Coco props a limp Eden up and removes her gloves to attempt a neck snap which would end Eden permanently. Just as Coco’s hand clutches her chin, Eden explodes with a taser attack. Coco is racked with convulsions and thrown backwards, a drooling, twitching mass. Eden tasers Coco several times for good measure before applying a sleeper hold of her own. As the sleeper is being applied, Coco admits being responsible for the death of Eden’s father, going so far as to say how much she enjoyed shooting him in the back of the head. This throws Eden over the edge and full throttle into the sleeper application.

Coco struggles against the hold, grasping on to her consciousness in defiance. Moments pass, and Coco’s struggles weaken…her eyes begin to roll lazily as her mouth hangs open, tongue hanging limply. When Eden sees that Coco is out, she finishes her in the exact way that had been planned for her: a neck snap. Eden firmly grabs Coco’s head and chin before snapping her entire skull to the side, an immediate death sentence. Coco twitches violently as the last ebbs of life leak out of her body.


Length: 15 min

Price: 12.99