We fade in on Sumiko…trapping Eden in a sleeper hold after what seems like hours have passed by.  The girls are covered in sweat and try as she might, Eden cannot escape and is forced to tap.  The girls separate and that’s when we realize that both wrestlers were in the middle of a cash prize submissions battle.  With no holds barred, and the only stipulation being that a girl immediately loses if she passes out in a hold!  Sumiko attacks and slams Eden into the wall, working over her belly with knees and kicks, following up with a long held full nelson on the ground, and Eden refusing to tap!

Eden gathers her strength and sends three elbows into Sumiko’s ribs, freeing herself and slamming fists into Sumiko’s abs.  She picks her up in a tight bearhug but Sumiko counters with a body scissors that sends both exhausted ladies to the mats.  They squeeze away until Eden suddenly SLAMS Sumiko onto the mats!  Eden applies a face down front sleeper/HOM smother that drains Sumiko until she has no choice but to tap!  The score is now tied, with only a few minutes remaining…and Sumiko is livid.  She spears Eden to the mats and tortures her a dragon sleeper (with belly attacks), an over the knee backbreaker with axe handle blows to the gut, and a body scissors that turns into a brutal reverse bearhug!   Sweat pours down both girls’ faces but Eden refuses to give!  She headbutts Sumiko and attacks, trapping her opponent in an ab stretch/belly claw combo, a BRUTAL SCORPION CROSSLOCK, and a final sleeper hold…locked on so tightly that Sumiko has NO CHOICE but to tap.   But Eden isn’t satisfied, squeezing until Sumiko is completely out so she can claim her prize money…and a final victory pose!

This one is truly INTENSE, guys!!



Length:  22 min

Price: 17.99