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We fade in on a masked wrestler (Devon), ready to take on the lovely Eliza in this pro style custom battle!

Eliza is NOT messing around, nailing a brutal PILEDRIVER KO on the masked fighter.  She gets a leghook pin point and removes the wrestler’s mask, revealing it to be her longtime rival Devon!  Eliza continues her assault, nailing belly kicks and punches, followed by a running wall splash!!  Eliza foot chokes Devon and goes for another piledriver, but Devon reverses it!  Eliza then REVERSES that, spinning Devon onto her back and going for a quick pin!  Devon kicks out and nails a huge clothesline that takes Eliza off her feet.  Enraged, Devon nails a PILEDRIVER KO followed by a leghook pin.  An exhausted Devon passes out on her opponent, and we fade in to round two!

Eliza opens up with a brutal stunner KO, but can’t get the leghook pin!  Devon nails belly blows and a jumping DDT.  She goes for the pin but Eliza turns it into a jujigitame armlock!   Devon screams in pain as the lock stays on.  Eliza lets go and the two stand and run towards each other.  A brutal double clothesline takes both ladies down and out and Devon takes control, stomping Eliza and applying a BRUTAL hair pulling surfboard!  Devon follows up with a body slam and a sleeper hold that slowly puts Eliza’s lights out.  She stands the dazed wrestler up and gos for a running wall splash but Eliza ducks.  Devon slams her head into the wall and falls right into Eliza’s sidewalk slam!

Devon retaliates with a brutal face rake and attacks, nailing a devastating TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER and goes for a fake pin.  Wanting to make a point, Devon goes for a second TOMBSTONE but Eliza locks her thighs around the wrestler’s neck!!   Devon passes out and drops Eliza on her skull for a double KO!  NOTHING is gonna wake these girls up as SK counts them out for a DRAW!


Length: 14 min

Price: 10.99