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Eden is super excited as we fade in, rambling on about how hard she’s been training and how well she thinks she’s going to do in her upcoming match against the title holder, Sapphire. As she’s gushing to the camera about how confident she is, Coco sneaks up from behind and applies a standing bear hug. Eden is caught completely by surprise, unable to mount any defense. She’s ultimately knocked unconscious, and as per Coco’s own words, left for Sapphire to devour.

It’s one week later when the footage picks up again. Eden is in the SKW Studios dressing room planning her revenge against Coco. She explains her intentions before stealthily stalking into the mat room, attacking Coco from behind with a sleeper hold. Coco escapes with an elbow strike, landing a belly punch to boot, and the match is truly on at this point!

Coco and Eden are neck and neck throughout this match, each gaining some time in the dominant position which allows us to see these beautiful wrestlers fulfill the roles of both heel and jobber. KO’s are abundant with dramatic, over the top eye rolling.

Following a fast paced back and forth bout, Eden gains complete control and wants to end the fight once and for all. Coco falls victim to a brutal sleeper and is rendered unconscious. Upon waking, Eden tells her that she’s got one shot to apologize for setting her up for destruction against Sapphire. All that Coco manages to croak out is a ‘fuck you’. That seals the deal in Eden’s eyes! Coco is pulled into a strangling triangle choke, with Eden squeezing her thighs together tightly to amp up the destruction.

Coco may have won a battle, but it’s Eden who claimed the war.


sleeper hold
belly punches
knees to belly
kicks to belly
lifted bear hug
foot choke
belly splashes
knees to face
face kicks
elbow drop ground and pound
figure four head scissors
arm bar
head scissors
arm bar
surfboard with sleeper
Japanese strangle hold/camel clutch
triangle choke


Length: 19 min

Price: 17.99