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Cassidy is on the mats stretching as the camera pans in. With a mischievous look she tells the camera man that she wants to play a little game. With a laugh, she explains that she’s wearing the sexy, shiny thong one piece as a means to distract Tiny, granting her the power to beat his ass.

Tiny comes in the room from the back, his voice booming out, “HOW DARE YOU?!”. Cassidy back pedals, claiming she was just kidding! Tiny stalks up closer to Cassidy, disbelieving and enraged at her audacity for making fun of him!

Unfortunately for Tiny, her little game seems to have worked. When Tiny gets within arms reach of Cassidy he starts to fumble his words, becoming entranced with her shiny thong leotard. He twirls his finger and asks Cassidy to turn around, his mouth hanging open as she twirls. Cassidy is cocky as Tiny leers at her. When he asks to touch her suit, she agrees readily. His hand reaches out slowly, timidly….

….and his fingers SNAP out, applying a crippling belly claw to Cassidy! It seems Cassidy isn’t the only one with tricks up her sleeve! Tiny agrees to the camera that he wants a match. And what he means by ‘match’ is total domination over Cassidy.

Tiny continues with his belly claw, digging deep into Cassidy’s belly. Just when it seems he’ll never release her, he tosses her to the wall and begins slamming deep punches into her abs. He softens her midsection up with the onslaught of strikes before applying a double belly claw that sends Cassidy reeling in pain. Releasing the double claw, he backs away to the opposite wall, although his visit there is very temporary. He runs back and belly splashes Cassidy with all of his body weight, crushing her much smaller body against the wall. Tiny backs away just enough to allow Cassidy’s eye rolling collapse to the mats. Tiny gains his first KO of the match!

Tiny leisurely checks her limbs for limpness before he grabs her legs and extends them upwards, gaining the access to stomp down hard on her belly with his foot to bring her back to wakefulness. Grabbing her by the hair, Tiny lifts Cassidy to her feet and applies a front choke to her throat. Cassidy struggles fruitlessly against Tiny’s not-so-tiny hand, arms pushing him and legs kicking out wildly. Tiny’s tight grip on her throat slowly sends her back out as we watch her limbs slow down and eyes roll back in her head. Cassidy hangs limply, entire body supported by Tiny’s still applied front choke. When he lets go, Cassidy collapses to the mats. Tiny goes in for a single leg pin, only to have Cassidy unexpectedly kick out before the counts hit the mark. Tiny isn’t amused by this, so he brings her back to her feet where she sways in confusion. A heart punch is sent soaring in to Cassidy’s chest as Tiny cackles madly. Cassidy flies backwards, landing on her back, her body alternating between racking convulsions and total limpness.

Tiny’s nowhere near done with his smaller opponent yet. He brings her back around this time with another of his impressive belly claws, used just long enough to rouse her. When he’s certain she’s come to, he tosses her into a painful over the knee back breaker, which proves to be a long, grueling hold for poor Cassidy. The back breaker is so powerful that Cassidy eventually succumbs to another KO due to the pain, twitching even as she remains bent backwards over Tiny’s knee.

Bringing a limp Cassidy up again, Tiny grasps her throat and lifts her into a mile high choke. Cassidy kicks her legs and fights back pitifully as she hangs well above Tiny’s head. She’s barely come around and her rolling eyes foretell her going out again very soon. Cassidy’s efforts at defense prove to be useless. Tiny gains another KO, Cassidy still held high in the air and twitching. After dropping her back to the mats, Tiny goes in for another 10 count pin attempt. Yet again, Cassidy manages to kick out at the last moment.

Tiny retaliates against her pin escape by bringing her into the air in a lifted belly buster. Cassidy struggles meekly, eyes heavy and lidded, the whites showing predominantly. It’s not long before she’s out again at a higher elevation than is probable, twitching sporadically. Tiny gets Cassidy back on the mats and foregoes a pin attempt, instead applying a leg breaker hold. Cassidy’s legs are spread to the literal breaking point as she gasps in exhausted agony. She’s far too beaten down at this point to even launch an escape attempt. The waves of unconsciousness pull her back out.

There’s no rest for Cassidy, however. Tiny wastes no time. Once he’s standing, he stomps hard on her belly to bring her around. Tiny then steps onto Cassidy’s belly and applies his entire weight, walking over her and laughing all the while. One time wasn’t enough, so Tiny goes back and steps heavily onto Cassidy again. Coming back towards her, he lashes out and hits her with a belly punch and then a face punch, priming her for the application of a lifted reverse bearhug. Cassidy goes out without a hitch, upside down and in the air. Not wanting to be too easy on her, Tiny awakens her with a vicious over the shoulder back breaker, taunting her as she meekly protests. Her eyes have barely opened and they’ve already fluttered completely shut.

Tiny feigns going in for a pin, instead choosing to apply the ‘Tiny Special’. Flipping Cassidy up in the air, he spins her into a pile driver position. Tiny walks around the room while holding Cassidy up before dropping her down to the ground. She is on the edge of consciousness when Tiny stands again and drops her into a second piledriver. Laying her out spread eagle, Tiny crushes her with 3 wicked belly splashes, none of which she is truly conscious for.

A double belly claw is deeply applied. Cassidy comes around at the initial contact, but her body can’t stay awake after the beating she has taken. The claw knocks her out again, and this time, she stays out.

Tiny folds Cassidy’s legs up and over her head, showcasing her beautifully shiny derriere. He gets down into the proper position and gets a full 10 count with the matchbook pin. He stands up in a victory pose, mocking Cassidy for her attempts at distracting him with silly games and sexy, shiny suits.


Length: 23 min

Price: 17.99