After being asked by Tiny to become his new tag partner, 6’4 beauty and powerhouse Takaiji makes her way to the SKW mat room to train.  She finds the beautiful Pandora in a perfect derri “air” KO pose…a note attached to her back.  It reads: “HEY TAG PARTNER!  I left you a little practice dummy 2 play with.  Enjoy your workout…  -Tiny”.  Amused, Takaiji decides to wake the 5 foot tall wrestler up…if only to work on her KO and carry techniques!!!   A groggy Pandora begs for mercy but it falls on deaf ears as the Amazon fighter repeatedly renders her unconscious…AND carries her limp body around just for fun!


standing / elevated sleeper hold KO
multiple carries
OTS / over the shoulder KO carry
limb checks
torture rack / nerve clamp KO
limp torture rack carry
belly stomp
forearm smashes to the face
jumping elbow strike to the skull KO
fireman’s carry
fireman’s carry / nerve pinch combo KO
bearhug KO
limp ragdolling in bearhug lock
cradle carry
piledriver KO followed by limp carry
TOMBSTONE piledriver KO followed by reverse OTS / over the shoulder carry
POWER BOMB lift with nerve pinch KO
POWER BOMB limp carry (an SKW first)
POWER BOMB limp drop KO
final leghook pin
OTS carry with a sudden ELBOW STRIKE to the face KO
(instant replay angle)
size 13 boot on face victory pose!

Final shot of Takaiji leaving Pandora just like she found her…with a thank you note taped to her back.


Length: 14.99

Price: 17 min