A cocky Caroline – in her mat room debut – brags to the camera that she sent SK’s favorite protégé, Saya, to the hospital. Unbeknownst to Caroline, SK, enters the room and upon hearing her boasts, attacks her from behind with a prolonged, sleeper hold KO. From that point on, SK proclaims to the fans at home that he will now put on a show with a “most pins match” and avenge his hospitalized wrestler.

What follows is a slaughter of Caroline that is complete with punches, pins, knees to gut, wall splashes pile drivers, spanking, and humiliating narration by SK throughout this one-sided squash. Not content with simple wrestling domination, SK dons the gloves and continues to work over his jobber with the boxing gloves until it is clear that Caroline will think long and hard before ever getting out of line again at SKW.

As always, when you “Meet the Kid” on his home turf and when he is out to vindicate one of his wrestling stars, you are in for a world of hurt – and Caroline finds this out the hard way.

Moves and holds in Caroline’s ill-fated encounter:

Fake pins
Face manipulations
Boxing Glove KO
Figure 4 Leg Lock
Asian Spike KO
Double Trapezoid Nerve Pinch
Several small package/match-book pin variations
Head Scissor KOs
Pile drivers
Hair pulling
Face palm pins
Extreme limb stretches
Forced cries of submission
Dragon Sleeper KO
Spanking Matchbook Pin
Belly Punches back to consciousness
Victory Pose
And much more!



Length: 20 min
Price: 16.99