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Anne-Marie has challenged Cameron to a no holds barred, no DQ, no time limit match. Cameron readily accepts, confident she’ll have no issue against SKW’s favorite jobber.

The two wrestlers lock up with Anne-Marie immediately clinching a head lock. Just as Anne-Marie thinks she may be officially on the offense, Cameron reverses their positions and slams her to the mats and into dreamland.

It all goes downhill here for Anne-Marie as Cameron thoroughly destroys her for the entire bout. Cameron is cool, calm and collected as she uses Anne-Marie as her personal striking dummy, utilizing a myriad of fighting tactics and styles to beat down the blonde jobber. Anne-Marie is knocked out slowly yet brutally numerous times, left only twitching with her eyes rolling.

Following an epic wrestling domination, Cameron dons a pair of gloves and shows Anne-Marie and the fans that she ain’t just a wrestler. Anne-Marie is flung left, right, up and down in reaction to the gloved punches thrown at her by the forceful Cameron. Hitting the mats, Anne-Marie is then mounted for a vicious ground and pound. Anne-Marie is asleep on her feet when Cameron finishes her off with two powerbombs, ensuring the blonde jobber is unlikely to challenge anybody to any type of match in the near future.


belly punching
knees to belly
body scissors
body and belly splashes
leg drops
leg drop choke
body stomps
sleeper hold
over the shoulder carry into body slam
butt drops
double hand choke
neck nerve pinch
templer drill
leg drops to the back
back stomps
swing out stunner
lifted bearhug
wall slams
belt strikes
skull crusher
tombstone piledriver
boxing glove face punches
boxing glove ground and pound
ten count pin
victory pose


Length: 38 min

Price: 25.99