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Wholesome cutie Cassidy is stretching out and warming up on the SKW mats as she awaits the arrival of her opponent. As she leans over to get her stretch on, she’s unaware that Black Velvets (Jacquelyn Velvets) has entered the mat room…and by the look on her face, she’s not amused in the slightest. Jacquelyn briskly approaches Cassidy, demanding to know how she could POSSIBLY be her opponent? Ms. Velvets continues ranting on about how much stronger than Cassidy she is, and even goes so far as to toss in a ‘don’t you know who I am!?!’ style comment. Cassidy doesn’t seem too phased by Jacquelyn’s emotional outburst, however. Being rational, Cassidy brings up the match and the ladies decide to move forward with the days planned match, with the rules set as the best of 3 wins.

As soon as the terms are decided, the ladies face off and lock up. After a short struggle, Jacquelyn delivers a knee to Cassidy’s belly before putting her through several snap mares. Now that Cassidy is sufficiently weakened, Jacquelyn stands her up and cripples her with a spiked DDT, which gains her a 10 count pin as well as the lead/first point of the match.

At first, it would seem the first round had set the tone for the match as Jacquelyn systematically put Cassidy through the wringer. Instead of gaining points as quickly as possible, Ms. Velvets enjoys toying with Cassidy. The match is fast paced, with Cassidy seemingly having no end in sight to her epic losses to Jacquelyn as the conclusion draws nearer and nearer…

Cassidy is stomped awake and stood up after a tombstone piledriver and 10 count pin, seeming worse for the wear. Jacquelyn is smug, thinking that she’s got all her ducks in a row and this little weakling Cassidy all tied up with a bow. Once she has Cassidy on her feet, Jacquelyn swings hard for a face punch….and Cassidy DUCKS, simultaneously delivering a stomach kick that doubles Jacquelyn over. Grabbing Ms. Velvets and the upper hand, Cassidy quickly executes a devastating stunner on her egotistical opponent. Instead of letting her go out, Cassidy punishes her as much as possible by bringing her to the wall for some belly abuse topped off with a crushing standing foot choke. Jacquelyn hits the mat like a sack of potatoes.

Cassidy enjoys her reign of dominance over the cocky Jacquelyn, delivering some truly powerful holds fueled by her thirst for revenge. She takes her sweet time obtaining her ‘official’ win, closing out the bout with a series of face punches that drop Jacquelyn flat on her back. Cassidy follows her down, delivering a brutal ground and pound punishment. Jacquelyn is on the very brink of consciousness when Cassidy whispers: “You said I was weak and you were stronger…..night night!”


Snap mares
Belly punches
Knees to belly
Spiked DDT
10 count pins
Body splashes
Belly stomps
Tombstone piledriver
Back stomp
Standing foot choke
Plank reverse head scissors
Face punches
Mounted ground and pound


Length:  14 min

Price: 11.99