We fade in on the lovely Merry meow, bouncing and smiling as she faces off against the stunning Jacquelyn Velvets…looking sultry and evil in coordinated pro attire.  The 10 count pin match begins, and these ladies deliver one hell of a show!!!

Merry reverses Jacquelyn’s initial headlock into an armlock, but Jacquelyn elbows her way out, delivering several snap mares on the stunned Merry.  She misses a wall splash, however, and Merry attacks with belly blows, a snap mare, knee spreader, leg spreader, and a failed matchbook pin attempt.  Merry continues her offense, slamming Velvets’ face into the mats and nailing some brutal belly splashes.  She goes for a pin but Velvets kicks out.  Merry applies a camel clutch to wear Jacquelyn down, followed by a stunner KO!  She goes for the pin but yet again Velvets kicks out.  Jacquelyn plays dirty and lands a low blow on Merry that leaves her writhing on the mats!

Velvets sees her opening and applies a tight sleeper hold that puts Merry OUT!  She goes for a pin but decides to lift Merry up at the last second…as now it’s time to show what her new persona (the beautiful BLACK VELVETS) is willing to do to rookie jobber girls!  Jacquelyn wipes the floor with the tortured Merry until a final merciful KO, leaving us all with the lingering question:  “WHO’S NEXT?”


sleeper hold KO
iron claw
“Derri-Air” KO pose
camel clutch with clawing and hairpulling
multiple forearms to the neck KO
belly punching
wall splash KO
rope choke KO with drooling
forced verbal submission to the camera
chair kick shot to the face KO
final pin
victory pose

(alternate takes / outtakes included)



Length: 17 min

Price: 13.99