In this unique custom clip, Jacquelyn and Foxy Roulette play fighters who are a “little more than friends”…both conspiring against the beautiful Bambi Buttons in an upcoming boxing match (one where Jacquelyn’s the ref).  Turns out Miss Velvets knows Bambi’s weakness (a glass chin) and confesses it to Foxy, who smiles as the two embrace.

We fade in on the match, with Bambi and Foxy circling and throwing jabs and blocking punches.  Foxy gives a knowing grin, however, and slams a right cross into Bambi’s glass jaw that spins her into the camera.  Her eyes roll as she collapses, out cold!  Foxy laughs as Jacquelyn goes for the 10 count.  She presses her bare foot against Bambi’s unconscious face as the count ends.  The rules being that the lady who can’t be revived immediately is the instant loser, Jacquelyn taps Bambi’s face and she comes to, dazed but ready for the next round.  Unfortunately for Bambi, Foxy has her weakness firmly in mind and continues to level her with punches and a vicious uppercut.  Each time Bambi is laid out cold, and each time Foxy plants her bare foot on her face as her significant other counts the poor girl out!  After several KOs, Bambi manages to get a sudden and lucky shot in, slamming her gloved fist into Foxy’s jaw.  A stunned Foxy goes down, eyes rolling as Jacquelyn looks on in horror.

Jacquelyn tries to wake Foxy up but she won’t respond.  Mortified, Jacquelyn’s forced to raise Bambi’s hand up in victory…until Bambi tells her she KNOWS this whole thing was a set up and slams a fist into Jacquelyn’s face, knocking her OUT!  Bambi proceeds to return the favors given earlier, using her bare foot to pose on both Foxy and Jacquelyn before the ref starts to come to.  Bambi threatens further violence but Jacquelyn stops her, confessing that watching Bambi beat Foxy with one punch has changed her perspective on their relationship.  She tells Bambi that she’s the one she’s really always wanted, and Bambi smiles.  The two have had a secret crush going for a while so they celebrate, taking turns face-pinning Foxy and then chatting about going out to dinner that night, all while Foxy wakes up beneath them.

She looks up, a heartbreaking look crossing her eyes before she passes out in a dead faint…

(include outtakes)


Length: 15 min

Price: 11.99