Jacquelyn Velvets and Anne-Marie finally go head to head in this multi round matchup…and here’s the breakdown!

(each round ends with a pin and victory pose)

Round one:  Jacquelyn dominates with a headlock, belly punches, a hip toss, leg nelson, neck scissors, camel clutch, hand over mouth smother, and a reverse neckscissors for the KO!

Round two: Jacquelyn dominates with a hair grab, hairpull, hare mares, a bow and arrow, belly splash, and an extended HAIR choke for the KO!

Round three: Anne-Marie manages to duck out of the way right when Jacquelyn goes for a running splash.  A dazed Jacquelyn drops and Anne dominates via side neck scissors, belly claw, camel clutch, hair pull / clutch, belly splashes, and a face down neck scissors KO!

Round four: Anne takes control with hairpulling, hair standing, a hair choke, and a figure four neckscissors KO!

Round five: Anne dominates with belly punching against the wall, snap mare, a push up neck scissors, and a final triangle choke KO for the WIN!!!


Length: 17 min

Price: 13.99