We fade in on the lovely Stacy Burke, vampire hunter…as she takes her apprentices (played by Adrina, Jenni Czech, and Galas) through a training session. They are on the hunt for an evil vampire (played by Sapphire) who has been terrorizing the city. Stacy quickly takes her own students out with several knockout holds. She tells them they have to improve in order to successfully capture the evil creature they’ll be stalking soon. Several days later the girls make their way to a hotel room where the vampires been hiding. They split up only to get repeatedly attacked and knocked out by Sapphire, who delights in preparing her evenings meal. A final battle between Sapphire and Stacy ends with the head vampire Hunter completely unconscious, and we fade to the very end of the night…with Sapphire dining on what looks like pizza, but might be something else.


sleeper hold KO
bearhug KO
punchout KO
multiple jaw punches to a KO
multiple sleeper holds
head squeeze KO
multiple neck bite KOs
double nerve pinch KO
sleeper hold/neck scissors double KO
multiple face and stomach punching
slap to the face KO
uppercut KO
final sleeper hold KO
final bite KO


Length: 15 min

Price: 11.99