The time is here! The meeting of two of the greatest (literal) titans of the storied SKW has finally happened! Takaiji and Tiny clash in this epic encounter that is one for the ages and can’t be missed!

We fade in with Takaiji absolutely fuming to the at-home audience that Tiny has been putting all of her competition in the hospital and this is affecting her lively-hood and oddly enough, her social life. While she rants, we see Tiny sneak into the room behind her with his trademark, stealthy tippy-toe walk and as in many of his past matches, he tries to take control early by attempting a quick, sneak attack sleeper hold from behind. However, Takaiji isn’t the run of the mill, lightweight squash jobber that Tiny is accustomed to manhandling at SKW. She quickly backward slams Tiny into the wall to break the hold and proceeds to give him a beating that fans thought they would never see.

Early on, Takaiji has her way with Tiny and after a series of kicks, punches and a snap mare, Takaiji puts him into dream land with a double under hook face buster that compels SK to proclaim in astonishment: “TINY IS OUT!”. Looks like this will be a run away for Takaiji, right? Not so fast…

Tiny kicks out of the ensuing pin attempt and follows up with a dirty low blow forearm shiver to Takaiji’s crotch and now the war is on! Tiny immediately goes for a single-hand, choke slam that he so often is able to execute unabated but he really has his hands full with today’s opponent. Takaiji elbows out the attempt and reverses it into a DDT that again has SK screaming his praise in excited disbelief.

However as the match progresses, Tiny’s overwhelming strength starts to take its toll on the mighty Takaiji. Once this turn starts, Tiny is able to unleash his full arsenal and though game, Takaiji had a very bad day. Can this Tiny be stopped?

Never before have we seen these behemoths at eye-level with their opponents or witnessed Takaiji being destroyed by power moves that up until now, no one on the SKW roster has been able to deliver to her. Yes, ladies and gents, this is one that has to be seen to be believed.

Highlights of this once in a lifetime matchup (most of the devastation visited upon Takaiji)

Knee and punches to stomach
Kicks to the lower back
Face punches
Standing foot to throat choke
Face Buster KO to Tiny
Crotch shots
Hair pulling
DDT on Tiny
Faked pin counts
Torture Rack Squats KO
Fly away stunner
Heart punch
Prolonged Choke Slam
Butt in air KO and Victory Pose
Prolonged 2 hand double choke lift KO
Bearhug KO
Running Powerslam KO
Sleeper hold
Instant Replay
TINY SPECIAL: with gorilla press

Tiny wakes Takaiji up and tells her how impressed he was with her.  He asks her to become his tag partner and she agrees…moments before he knocks her back out with a brutal blow to the skull!


Length: 28 min

Price: 21.99