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Heather West challenges Jacquelyn Velvets to a stunner’s only match. Whoever gives the most stunner KO’s within the time limit will be declared the winner.

The two sexy wrestlers stand back to back as the rules are explained to them. Once they’ve agreed, it’s 3, 2, 1 GO time! Jacquelyn and Heather trade some choice words before locking up fiercely in a physical duel to gain the upper hand. Blonde bombshell Heather gets the advantage and tosses Jacquelyn against the wall, where she inflicts some belly damage by way of a flurry of punches. Heather taunts Jacquelyn even as she snap mares her, stands her back up and delivers the first of several stunner’s.

Jacquelyn is doomed from the get go, it seems, as Heather truly dominates this bout. Although Ms. Velvets manages to sneak in a tactic here and there, she just doesn’t have the stamina after that first KO to take Heather out…even once. Jacquelyn becomes more tired and aggravated with each passing KO, only to end up unconscious on the mats each time. Heather holds nothing back with either her verbal or physical assault.

Towards the match’s conclusion, Jacquelyn gains the most control she has the entire time. Moving quickly, she double leg sweeps Heather and applies a figure four leglock. Heather struggles in it until she suddenly reverses it, causing Jacquelyn to cry out in pain. Standing up, Heather proceeds to deliver yet another stunner knock out.

The final round moves fast as Heather digs right in with a flurry of belly punches, softening Jacquelyn up for what should be the final stunner. Jacquelyn is without a question unconscious on the mats when Heather decides to pry her back up and get one more stunner knock out in. Victory poses abound as the lovely and limp Ms. Velvets lay helpless on the mats beneath the winner, Heather West.

Included in this battle:

belly punching
snap mares
sleeper hold
multiple stunners
lifted bear hug
leg sweep, double leg sweep
guillotine head lock
body slammed into wall
face claw
body scissors
figure four leg lock


Length: 12 min

Price: 9.99