A FAMILY’S FEUD: part two

After getting KO’ed by Fantasy’s piledriver after defeating Ellena in part ONE of this trilogy, an angry Jordynne Grace challenges the pro legend to a multi-fall KOs/pins contest.  Fantasy accepts…and here’s the breakdown:

(each round ends with a pin and victory pose unless otherwise specified)

ROUND ONE:  After some intense chain wrestling, Fantasy takes control and pummels Jordynne’s belly against the wall, following up with a running snap mare and a failed pin…prompting Fantasy to put the youngster out with a long-held sleeper hold KO!

ROUND TWO: Fantasy goes for more gut shots, but misses a running splash, knocking herself silly on the mats.  Jordynne recovers and attacks with a bearhug, a standing suplex, a failed pin, and a final Razor’s Edge that puts Fantasy OUT!

ROUND THREE: Jordynne wins a test of strength and goes for a clothesline, but Fantasy reverses it into a sudden stunner!  She then attacks with a mind-blowing HURRICANRANA DDT KO!

ROUND FOUR: Fantasy attacks with a headlock but Jordynne delivers a BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!  She then follows up with a GORILLA PRESS SLAM…followed by a brutal CHOKE SLAM KO!

ROUND FIVE: The ladies deliver a brutal double clothesline, followed by a double super kick FACE-strike KO!  Jordynne manages to wake up and crawl over for the winning pin, but passes out before getting the three count!

FINAL ROUND: Both ladies are exhausted…but Fantasy still manages to land a lung blower that floors Jordynne. She goes for the pin but Jordynne kicks out.  Fantasy somehow manages to nail a PILEDRIVER KO on Jordynne, but Jordynne kicks out at 2!  Fantasy goes for another, but Jordynne reverses it…landing Fantasy on her skull!  Jordynne goes for the pin but Fantasy barely KICKS OUT!  Pissed off and down to her last burst of energy, Jordynne nails a DOUBLE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!!   Fantasy is out cold!!!  Jordynne goes for the pin.  Fantasy is completely asleep…

…and then Ellena runs in.  A steel bat in her hands.  A dazed Jordynne tries to counter the attack but WHAMMMMM.

Jordynne is OUT!!!

Ellena grabs her mother and drags her on top of Jordynne’s sleeping body.  She slaps the mats, counting to three.  She wakes Fantasy up and walks her off the mats…dreading Jordynne’s wrath once she comes to.

And yes…there is a lot to dread.



Length: 21 min

Price: 18.99