A blast from the past, featuring DEVON and SUMIKO in a denim clad GRUDGE match!!!

The ladies start off with some intense trash talk and then the brawl begins.  Each fall ends with a brutal KO and a spread-eagled loser on the mats…and here’s the break down.

Devon scores KOs via:  swinging Devon DDT, STUNNER KO, punch to the jaw KO, and a second DDT KO!

Sumiko scores KOs via: jumping IMPLANT DDT,  STUNNER KO, punch to the jaw KO, and a second stunner KO!

Your winner: Devon, who poses on Sumiko moments before collapsing on top of her…and ending up spread out and sleeping next to her!

Included: arm checks, leg hook pins, victory poses, and a STUNNER DOUBLE KO!


Length: 13 min

Price: 9.99