WOW! Is Coco hot in her VERY skimpy shiny, blue bikini as she talks smack about Saya and how she demolished her in their last match together. Saya, equal to the task of looking hot in a shiny (black) bikini, enters the room without Coco’s knowledge and knocks her cold with a sneak attack sleeper hold. While Coco snoozes, Saya announces that she is going to change the rules mid-stream and make this an overkill match, and that is what the fans are treated to…in spades!

Saya really beats up Coco in this one and roughly woman-handles the blonde beauty as she transitions her between each sadistic punishment. Coco is relentlessly tortured by Saya at an unsettling pace. As we’ve come to expect in the Overkill series, there is no mercy shown to the opponent and this one is no different. Saya really goes the extra mile and the fact that Coco doesn’t know when to quit  – and even has the gall to flip Saya off as she is being dominated – just adds more fuel to the fire.

For fans of one-sided beat downs laced with verbal abuse, this one is for you!


Slow-mo Instant Replay
Multiple Belly punches
Multiple knees to stomach
Hair pulling
Finger spike to the abdomen KOs
Butt in air KO and Victory Pose
Forced humiliation to camera
Bearhug KO
Full body press bearhug KO
Tongue protrusion
Belly Splashes
Foot on throat choke pins
Multiple straight on punches to the face
Jumping foot and knee stomps to head
Hair pulling
Face manipulation
Pile drivers
Dragging to feet by the hair for more punishment
Body Dragging
Reverse butt in face, throat straddle pin
Humiliating Ending
Victory Pose with convulsing drooling


Length: 21 min
Price: 17.99