Jinx and Keri are visions in blue as we fade in on this multi-fall pro style battle!

Round One: Both ladies exude confidence as they lock up and Jinx takes an early advantage with some body blows up against the wall before using a snap mare to send Keri to the mat.  She deftly applies a seated sleeper in an effort to negate Keri’s height advantage and in a rarely seen twist walks her legs up the wall to add even more leverage to the hold.  This elevated sleeper quickly has the blond helpless to stop Jinx’s five count pin as she takes the first round! Winner: Jinx!

Round Two: You aren’t going to keep a pro like Keri down for long and she starts off this round strong with a clothesline and a series of X factors that send Jinx for a loop.  Keri wastes no time and locks on a neck scissor that has Jinx counting sheep in no time at all and gains an easy pin. Winner: Keri!

Round Three:  Keri seeks to keep up the momentum as she uses her power and height to clamp on a tight lifting Bearhug but Jinx wisely counters with a double neck chop and a Stunner out of nowhere! With Keri’s vertical advantage gone, Jinx keeps it on the mat and uses a reverse neck scissor to leave Keri unable to stop the pin. Winner: Jinx!

Round Four: Jinx knows she has to keep the pressure on her opponent and immediately leaps into a piggy back Sleeperhold but Keri backs up and squashes the brunette against the wall to break the hold.  As both wrestlers hit the mat Keri makes use of her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expertise to lock Jinx in a torturous Kimura arm lock, followed by a wrist lock, and then applies the devastating Gogoplata submission to sap the life out of her opponent. Jinx fades quickly and Keri picks up the pin and the equalizing point! Winner: Keri

Round Five: This has been a tough fight already and the wrestlers opt for a special boxing round to try and break the tie.  Fists are flying and both ladies at times seem to have the upper hand but technique gives way to brawling.  Staggered and dazed, both Jinx and Keri swing for the fences and both connect! SK is forced to count both ladies out as neither can answer the ten count, resulting in a DOUBLE KO! Winner: Draw

Round Six:  We go into sudden death overtime to determine a winner! Jinx stuns the taller blond with a drop kick and maintains the assault, battering Keri against the wall and going back to the snap mare to put her on the mat. She goes for a Skull Crushing Head Vice that seems to put Keri out but for some reason Jinx stops her own pin! She wants to really make an example of the blonde and pulls her up for a piledriver. But after such a long hard fight, she can’t muster the strength to get her up and Keri is able to reverse and drive Jinx to the mat.  Shaking off the cobwebs, the longtime SKW vet pulls Jinx back to her feet and punishes her with back to back traditional and Tombstone piledrivers!  Jinx is easy prey for the pin but Keri pulls her up yet again to ensure there is no question who the better woman is. A Driller Tombstone knocks the last of the Jinx’s consciousness away. Keri lays atop her destroyed opponent in a cross body pin and adds some humiliation to the defeat by having Jinx’s limp arm help her count out the final decisive pin before taking a well-earned victory pose.



LENGTH:  14 min

PRICE:  11.99