Another amazing multi-fall battle featuring the beautiful Angel Lee and the stunning Jordynne Grace!  Here’s the breakdown!

Round one:  Angel wins a test of strength with a well placed kick to the gut and dominates Jordynne with belly punishment, snap mares, an STF,  a brutal stunner KO, and a swing out DDT KO for the 5 count pin and the win!

Round two: Angel dominates with a leg nelson, face f*cker KO, and a failed pin,  She goes for a wall splash but Jordynne ducks tries to go for a pin but is too exhausted.  She passes out on top of Angel and SK starts the count, with Jordynne coming to and attacking Angel with a stomp, body slams, belly splashes to a KO, post KO splashes, a stalling suplex KO, and a double leg hook pin!

Round three: Angel is too dazed to continue but this does NOT stop Jordynne from attacking, dominating the devastated blonde with a sleeper hold KO (with drooling and convulsions), neck scissors, figure four neckscissors KO, stomps, belly punishment, wall splashes to a KO, fisherman’s neckbreaker KO, power slam KO, fake pin, PILEDRIVER KO, TOMBSTONE piledriver KO, belly claw, SIT OUT POWER BOMB KO, and a final matchbook pin!

Your winner: JORDYNNE GRACE!

Length: 16 min

Price: 13.99