We open up on the lovely JINX back to back with the beautiful GALAS LOONER, whose full mane of blonde hair is certainly more than we are used to seeing her with here at SKW!  These two grapplers are facing off in a very interesting special rules multi-fall match that requires a wrestler to score three KO’s in a row before they can attempt a pin and score a point.

The action is fast and furious right off the bat as Galas uses her strength advantage to take control, punishing her opponent up against the wall before she runs Jinx through a gamut of KO tactics (including a Sleeperhold, multiple body splashes, and multiple DDTs) to get the required three before her ten count pin and victory pose! First Point: Galas!

Though she might be a little worse for wear, Jinx is ready for Round Two and she comes out a house of fire, gaining her first KO right away with a drop kick that slams Galas’ head into the wall.  The Asian Assassin follows up with a figure four leg lock to torture her opponent and a then a reverse figure four headscissor to score her second KO.  Galas is too stunned to mount a counter attack and a vicious kick to the face scores the third KO and the equalizing point for Jinx!

Both of these ladies are determined to take charge of Round Three, so much so that they both attempt an immediate neck breaker while standing back to back to start the fall that renders both of them OUT COLD!!!  Galas starts to come to first and moves to trap Jinx in a headscissor, only for Jinx to come to and attempt the same, resulting in a mutual double headscissor.  With both grapplers squeezing for all they are worth, it isn’t long before they both succumb to the effects, resulting in another double KO!

As they slowly come to and get to their feet, both ladies yet again have the same concept, charging each other to score the third needed KO but inadvertently knocking each other out with a double clothesline!  It’s anyone’s match at this point as both have been KO’d three times!.  Galas awakens first and tries to crawl away to regroup, only for Jinx to grab her by the hair….and yank off those blonde tresses to reveal it was a wig!!!  With Galas shocked and embarrassed, she is too distracted to stop Jinx from locking on a sleeper hold.

Galas struggles but after this long battle she just doesn’t have the energy to escape and drifts away to the land of Nod.  An exhausted Jinx barely has the energy to count out her ten count pin before she herself collapses atop Galas to take a well-deserved victory nap.



Length: 16 min

Price: 12.99