Folks, when we say “Bonus Clip”, we MEAN it! This recently discovered gem from the SKW vaults has never been seen before!!  It’s always special when something gets found but this is even more special as it features the incredible FRANKIE Z taking on SAPPHIRE in a spectacular boxing and wrestling battle!

Our match opens with both ladies back to back and wearing their boxing gloves as Sleeperkid explains the rules behind this match up.  It will begin with a standard boxing match but immediately after a ten count KO is scored, the wrestling match will kick off with the lady to score the most KO’s within the time limit winning the entire encounter.  A quick countdown follows and it’s time for action!

Frankie starts out very confident and is a little put off that Sapphire isn’t in the least bit intimidated but as the fists start flying, it’s clear that maybe Frankie is the one who should have been intimidated coming into this match up. Sapphire steps up with a haymaker that immediately sends Frankie crashing to the mat unconscious!

It looks like this match up might be over before it really gets started as SK counts away and Frankie shows no signs of being able to answer the count. That is until Sapphire drags the still barely conscious brunette to her feet in order to continue the beating!

And what a beating it is! Sapphire just goes to town on the statuesque pro, taking her apart with an array of jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, and body shots that repeatedly drop Frankie to the mat only to have Sapphire continue to interrupt the count to inflict more punishment.  Frankie is reduced to nothing more than a staggering, sputtering, punching bag, too groggy and dazed to inflict any damage of her own.

The end mercifully comes after Frankie yet again drops to the mats, only to take a series of body shots and then have Sapphire get on top of her and deliver mounted hook after hook (captured in a great instant replay) that lead to the ten count knocked out!

Sapphire wastes no time in removing both her and Frankie’s gloves and getting this wrestling match started.  While I have no doubt Frankie was hoping that this change in styles might help get her back in the game, there is just no way to recover from that level of beating and Sapphire continues just torture our West Coast visitor with devasting KO after devastating KO.

Sapphire makes use everything from consciousness sapping sleeper holds and scissors to brutal impact KOs like Stunners and Sapphire Bombs to rack up point after point with Frankie desperately trying to put up a fight but falling far short in her attempts.

With the clock about to run out Sapphire makes use of “Widow’s Peak” to score her TWELFTH unanswered KO as she takes a final ten count pin and victory pose over the destroyed Frankie!



Boxing Strikes: Jabs/Crosses/Hooks/Uppercuts
Body Punching
“Speed Bag” Body Punches
Mounted Punches
Multiple Knockdowns
Staggering/Groggy Walking
Instant Replay
Sleeperhold KO
Headscissor KO
Limp Limb Checks
Vertical Suplex
Fisherman NeckBreaker KO
Cobra Clutch KO
Dropkick KO
Running Neck Flip
Wall Splashes
Sapphire Bomb KO
Lifting Bearhug KO
Stunner KO
Double Nerve Pinch KO
Boston Crab
Choke Slam KO
Triple Heart Punch KO
Skull Crusher KO
Widow’s Peak KO


Length: 32 min

Price: 18.99