UNDER THE INFLUENCE: seventh battle

An epic 40+ min long battle between CHEYENNE JEWL and SUMIKO!!!

We fade in on the lovely Sumiko and Cheyenne, who have challenged each other to a “drugged drink” battle, one where they have to be under the influence of a powerful sedative as they do battle…with a final 15 count pin destined to distinguish a relieved winner from a devastated loser!

OVERKILL attacks
drugged/exhausted performances
sleeper hold KO
lazy pins
realise one piece suits
belly punishment
eye crossing
shoulder rams
wall splashes
double KOs
belly splashes
sleepy talk
tongue protrusion
post KO attacks
multiple pin attempts
leg drops to the throat
leg drops to the back of the neck
reverse neckscissors
reverse figure four neckscissors
lazy pins
jumping split splashes
ground dragon sleeper KO
elbow drops to the neck
grapevine pelvis drops
grapevine pin / front sleeper combo
matchbook pin / punchout KO
body piles
inverted neckscissors KO
Cheyenne admits defeat
Sumiko feeds her the rest of the drugged drink
sleeper hold KO
TOMBSTONE piledriver KO
final Matchbook pin
Sumiko celebrates by knocking herself out with the rest of her drink
final body pile


Length: 42 min

Price: 27.99