UNDER THE INFLUENCE: eighth battle

39 minutes of non-stop KO ACTION!

The beautiful Maria Marley and Indica take each other on in a special “drugged drink” battle that can only end with one exhausted and sedated fighter on top!   The girls start off taking big gulps of their spiked water and we suddenly cut to a few minutes later as both ladies struggle to stay awake as they battle for a decisive 15 count pin!

(Winner listed under the following list)


multiple KOs

tongue protrusion
“exhausted” performances
overkill attacks
sleeper hold KOs
eye crossing
arm checks
body piles
failed pins
belly punching
double KOs
wall splashes
multiple leg drops to the throat
reverse neckscissors
figure four neckscissors KO
kidney punches
multiple belly splashes
low blow KO
face down neckscissors KO
neck drop scissors KOs
reverse neckscissors
reverse figure four neckscissors
post KO belly punches
flying split splashes across the belly
multiple head slams into the mats
derri “air” KO position
Indica gives the match, with Maria force feeding her the rest of her drink, followed by a sleeper hold KO!
Maria pins Indica
Maria drinks the rest of her drugged water
final faint, and body pile.


Length: 39 min

Price: 27.99