You might not be able to battle two beautiful ladies like KOBE and SHAN in real life but in these POV style battles, you can get as close as possible!

In the first of these POV battles, “You” are up against the beautiful SHAN, who is decked out in a white karate gi.  She states that her specialty is the knife hand “shuto” strike.  With a quiet determination, the room is silent except for the “kiai” of Shan’s attacks, the blonde karateka proceeds to destroy you with chop after chop, forehands and backhands.  Perhaps from intimidation, perhaps from awe at her power, you never even try to stop her as the martial art master demonstrates her expertise. An especially powerful shuto strike drops you to the mat, only for Shan to mount you and deliver blow after blow (at this point the POV changes to a normal view). Having finished you off, she stands and faces the camera….with one final surprise strike in store.


In the second match, “You” face off against a bikini clad KOBE, your classmate from college, who has joined the SKW boxing league just to get back at you.  Kobe proceeds to utterly destroy you both with her fists and with her cutting words, constantly deriding and humiliating you as you are helpless to stop the barrage of punches she throws.  You are repeatedly knocked to the ground and berated for your inability to keep a girl with no boxing training from kicking your ass.

Kobe uses jabs, crosses, and uppercuts to the face along with some body shots and even a couple of low blow knees and kicks before a massive uppercut sends you to the mat. Your vision blurry from the beating, you can only look up helplessly as she delivers a final punch, then walks away as everything fades to black.


Note: Due to some issues with Kobe’s bikini top, a few “cuts” were made in the presentation. They should not affect the overall viewing experience.


Length: 20 min

Price: 13.99