TWO versus ORING

It’s been some time since we’ve seen the lovely Nicole Oring here at SKW and she returns in memorable fashion with this POV Handicap battle against Jacquelyn Velvets and Sleeperkid!  We fade in from Jacquelyn’s point of view as she walks in on Nicole putting Sleeperkid out with a vicious reverse neckscissors. It seems that our West Coast wrestler decided to sneak attack the Kid prior to their scheduled match.  She may have even gotten away with it but Nicole makes the mistake of taunting Miss Velvets about SK’s current predicament and Jacquelyn responds with a kick to the face that knocks Nicole out cold!

From here SKW’s resident Power Couple decide that maybe the best way to teach Nicole a lesson is with a handicap match, alternating between each fall.  Sadly, poor Nicole is still unconscious during this discussion so she has no say in the matter!  What follows is an absolute SQUASH, as Nicole barely regains her senses before she is continually punished and returned to the land of Nod by both Sleeperkid and Jacqueline with each KO followed by a pin.

Tactics used by Sleeperkid:
Hair Choke KO
Torture Rack Choke KO
Boston Crab
Dragon Sleeper

Tactics used by Jacquelyn:
Seated Sleeperhold
Reverse Neck Scissor KO
Throat Straddle KO
Chloroform KO

Having reduced the once proud wrestler to a mere ragdoll, SK drags Nicole up by her hair and holds her in place to let Jacquelyn finish her off with a series of face strikes (shot from Jacqueline’s POV) before the couple each take a turn claiming a humiliating ten count matchbook pin on her.  With their victory secured (as if it were ever in doubt), SK takes a moment to place the camera just right so the lovely couple can enjoy a simultaneous victory pose!!!



LENGTH:  23 min

PRICE:  18.99