6’9 Tiny strikes yet again…and this time it’s against the beautiful Tracy Jordan, who issues a challenge to anyone in the SKW locker room.   The big man shows up and takes control, pulling Tracy’s hair, accepting her proposal, and slamming her into the wall for some brutal belly blows that lead to a 30+ minute beatdown she’ll never forget!   A bonus KO (after an epic series of them) ends it for the lovely brunette as Tiny finally leaves the scene, but not before re-defining the word “heel” in yet another perfect SKW squash!


hair pulling
belly punching
triple wall splash KO
eye crossing
camel clutch with eye/face attacks
nerve hold/camel clutch KO
torture rack pain KO
hair pulling
three mile high floor splashes to a KO
three mile high floor splashes (Tracy face down) KO
tongan death grip KO
double heart punch KO
instant replays
skull crusher KO
hand crush with boot
iron claw KO
derri “air” KO pose
crossface pain KO (with mouth pulling)
foot crushing with boot
piledriver KO
standing dragon sleeper KO
X-Factor KO (black bar)
over the shoulder backbreaker KO
choke slam KO
baby swing / porch swing
double temple nerve hold KO
limp cobra clutch
limp bearhug / ragdolling
TINY SPECIAL (gorilla press / THREE limp tombstone piledrivers)
twitching / convulsing
final reverse OTS carry into a TOMBSTONE KO
final leg hook pin


(note: this film contains a wardrobe malfunction that was corrected with a black censorship bar.  Said scene is approximately 2 seconds long and occurs during the X-Factor)

Length:  33 min

Price: 24.99