We fade in on THE IMPOSSIBLE:  6’9 Tiny OUT COLD on the mats as pro stars Tiffany Roxx and Rock-C tell the cameras how EASILY they beat him down!   As the ladies continue to brag, however, Tiny awakens and stretches…yawning.  He listens to the pros talk smack as he stands, stretching, letting the world know that he wasn’t defeated…he’d only been taking a nap as Miss Roxx and Rock-C decided to cut a promo based on lies!   Tiny proceeds to do what Tiny does best, grabbing the ladies by the hair and SLAMMING them into each other for an instant KO.  Camera girl Jacquelyn Velvets watches in horror, narrating the beatdown from start to finish as Tiny proceeds to destroy the once mighty tag team!


forced body smash KO
belly punching
1 vs 2 belly attacks
wall splashes to a KO
Instant Replays
body piles
double sleeper chokeout KOs
multiple double high flying belly splashes to a KO
boot grinding
body slams
hair pulling
double stunner KO
standing / stalling suplex KO
sidewalk slam
back to back fireman’s stunner KOs
forearm smashes to the face
double elbow strike to the skull KO
double DDT KO
eye checks
double temple squeeze KO
small package piledriver KOs
back to back TINY SPECIALS (gorilla press into THREE back to back TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVERS)!!!
final, twitching bodypile PIN
victory pose



Length: 27 min

Price: 21.99