We fade in on SKW stars Saya Savage, Bambi Buttons, and Sumiko as they prepare to tear into each other in a special request/triple threat/Last Woman Standing match!   This is truly one of the fastest-paced brawls we’ve yet to witness here, but the cameras caught it all.  Here’s the breakdown!

The match begins and Sumiko takes an early advantage, slamming fists into Bambi’s gut as Saya watches.  Saya nails two suplexes on Sumiko, weakening her.  She teams up wiith Bambi and they both work Sumiko’s belly over and moving on to TWO double suplexes!  A double DDT finally puts Sumiko OUT, with Bambi going for the pin.  Saya pulls her off Sumiko and the two start to brawl!  Saya traps Bambi in a sleeper and renders her unconscious, but Sumiko awakens and attacks the Egyptian fighter with a stomp to the back.  She works Saya over with belly blows, a boston crab, and belly splashes as Bambi slowly comes to and hides.  Sumiko nails Saya with a massive TOMSBTONE piledriver for the KO and goes for the pin, but Bambi ATTACKS!  She tosses Sumiko against the wall and works her gut over, moving on to a brutal X-Factor KO!   Saya is up and sneaks behind Bambi, taking control.  She nails a suplex on the tiny wrestler, stunning her and trapping her in a brutal camel clutch as Sumiko comes to.

Saya sees her this time and runs over, slapping her own camel clutch on the Japanese wrestler!   Saya stands her up and nails a sudden PEDIGREE KO that shakes the floor!  She goes for the pin but Bambi manages to stomp her down and nail a stunner KO!  Bambi pins Saya but she lefts the shoulder at the last second.  The frustrated wrestler attacks both Sumiko and Saya with a double (single) boston crab, but the two use their strength to send Bambi crashing to the mats.  They attack, nailing a double suplex on Bambi that knocks her silly.  Saya and Sumiko celebrate for a few seconds and then remember where they are, slamming forearms into each others faces until they can barely stand.  A double clothesline drops them both, leading to three unconscious girls on the mats!

Bambi comes to first, and attacks Saya with a stomp and a sleeper hold…hoping to END this once and for all.  Saya goes out but Sumiko is standing…waiting for her chance.  She strikes, grabbing Bambi by the hair and nailing a brutal TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER that knocks the smaller girl OUT.  Bambi twitches and Saya slumbers as Sumiko finally gets the pin.  But she’s not satisfied, going for the split pin on Saya and piling BOTH girls up for a final victory pose!!!

(includes alternate takes)


Length: 19 min

Price: 15.99