What happens when two lovely ladies attempt to get away with stealing some files from Sleeperkid in an effort to score a big pay off?  A pay back they never see coming!

Our video opens with KELSI and TRACY JORDAN in their hotel room and discussing how they easily stole a laptop full of files from SLEEPERKID.  While Tracy is relaxing on the bed and Kelsi fixes her make up in the bathroom, they are both oblivious to their hotel room door opening as Sleeperkid has arrived to get back his stuff.

A sleepy aerosol spray catches Kelsi off guard and before she even knows what happened, the pretty girl slumps to the floor.  While Tracy keeps talking to her friend, utterly unaware of the danger they are now in, SK drags Kelsi fully into the bath room and out of sight.  Now it’s Tracy’s turn for the sleepy spray and it isn’t long before Tracy is out as well.

Tracy is the first to taste SK’s wrath as he wakes the beautiful brunette up and puts her through a beating that includes being choked with her own shirt, body punches, splashes, and a camel clutch and temple nerve press combo before a final head slam into the hotel room wall puts her out like a light.  From there Kelsi is put through the ringer as well, taking some strikes and splashes as well with SK finally taking mercy and forcing her to take another nap from a seated sleeper.

At this point we switch to SK’s POV as both Kelsi and Tracy have been sat up together on the couch. Both ladies are woken up only to be KO’d again with a brutal front kick. To ensure they stay out for the night, each of them are subjected to a chloroform rag that will give them plenty of time to dream about the mistake they made in crossing the boss.  As the two thieves are left on the couch SK recovers his laptop and heads home, proving to Kelsi and Tracy that age old lesson that crime just doesn’t pay.


Length: 12 min

Price: 8.99